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Inagro is an external spin-off agency of the province of West Flanders. 
To accomplish its mission, the organisation has set up a structure of departments, knowledge centres and a central laboratory. 

Technical crop departments

The technical crop departments adopt a crop-specific approach. All know-how relating to a crop or crop segment is pooled and explored in depth. Our educational and consultancy services are organised crop-oriented. 
We have crop experts who guarantee the scientific and technical quality and pertinence of our operations. 
The Arable farming, Open Air Horticulture, Covered Horticulture, Animal Production and Organic Farming departments reflect the main agricultural and horticultural sectors in West Flanders. Interaction with the sector is highly developed by way of various advisory boards, where innovative farmers provide direct feedback to the departments regarding their research programme and the way they operate. 

Knowledge centres

At the knowledge centres, small teams of theme experts work together on a cross-sector and cross-crop basis. They supply the technical crop departments with fresh know-how on the specific themes soil & fertilisation, water, crop protection, environmental health, energy and innovation. 
The collaboration between technical crop departments and knowledge centres ensures swift translation of new know-how and insights into cultivation techniques that can be implemented in practice. 


The laboratory is one of Inagro's principal strong suits. Over a hundred different analysis methods are available for the analysis of soil, water, manure and crops.
The laboratory is a key partner of the departments and knowledge centres in concretising the research programme. In addition, the laboratory is also a service provider: each year, over 55,000 samples are analysed as commissioned by farmers and market gardeners. 
The collaboration with the departments and knowledge centres is a strong suit to deliver tailored solutions in the areas of sample collection techniques, extraction methods and analysis types. The lab's ISO 17025 accreditation vouches for the quality of the lab's activities. 

Society & Environment Department

Farmers are required to drive down the impact of their activities on environment. On the other hand, the gap between society and agriculture is probably greater than it was ever before. 
In both areas, experts are seen to experiment with new concepts and techniques. Agricultural stewardship on nature, environmental care, eco-system services, business integration, emissions, cleantech, urban farming, diversification and education are major areas of operation. Here too, the transfer of knowledge, both to farmers as well to the actors in the world around them, take centre stage.