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Inagro, your partner in international collaboration

Inagro is the knowledge partner of agricultural and horticultural businesses in the areas of innovation and sustainability.

Within its own optimised professional research infrastructure, Inagro's scientific and technical teams devise farming and cultivation techniques ready for practical use. Our partners in these endeavours are universities, university colleges and businesses.

Inagro's advisers take the new know-how to the agricultural and horticultural businesses and guide the businesses in how to implement these insights, all of which is supported with professional communication tools.

Geographically speaking Inagro is located in the very intensive and innovation-driven agricultural and horticultural heart of the province of West Flanders in Belgium.

Inagro also represents:

  • More than 65 years of hands-on tradition in agricultural research and education
  • 220 members of staff and a 14,5 million € operation budget/annum
  • 410 trial designs and more than 65,000 laboratory analyses per annum
  • + 150 information and demonstration events per annum
  • expertise in arable farming, open air horticulture, greenhouse horticulture, edible mushrooms, cattle farming and intensive livestock farming, organic farming, agricultural diversification and educationfocus on cultivation techniques and crop protection; soil, water and energy; innovation and diversification; the social and natural environment.
  • Pioneer and reference partner in aquaculture, insect breeding and smart farming



For an impression on our research and activities, we selected a number of interesting projects in a colourful publication.

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